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Great Pros is a free platform that connects you with background checked, licensed and insured professionals for all of your home projects.

Great Pros will share your project details to qualified professionals in your area! Professionals will contact you by email or by phone with further questions, price quotes, and general information. Messaging is also available on your project dashboard which can be accessed at the top of every page. Once you find the right professional for your home project, you can hire them through the platform and they will assist your needs. Don’t forget to leave a review once the project is completed!

Yes, absolutely! The more details the better! All the pros see your project details and it helps them better understand your needs, provide cost estimates, and better assist you.

Great Pros makes it easier than ever to complete your home projects. Get started by specifying the project you need done on; for example, ”handyman”. Continue by providing us more details about your project so we can better understand what you need. Once you have completed your project details, professionals will reach out to you shortly.

That will depend on the professional. All of our verified users have a different way of conducting business so you will need to clarify the process and their policies with them.

Again, since each professional has a different way of conducting business, the way they collect payments can vary. Be sure to ask about their payment policies.

Great Pros is completely free to use. We complete the connection between homeowners and interested professionals. If you do decide to hire a professional, all payments are made off the Great Pros website according to that professional’s policy.


Great Pros is a platform that connects you with qualified customer leads specific to your area of expertise.

Great Pros provides flexible packages for any sized business. There is a pay-per-lead plan, unlimited lead plan. Looking for something in the middle? We have an option for you too! Check out our Pro Center by clicking the link for more details.

Each lead is specific to your specialized industry. Customers will answer a few questions specific to their project and also provide a phone number and email so you can contact them.

As soon as you click “view contact info” you will be able to view the customer’s phone number and email. Act fast, because only 3 companies are able to view those phone numbers! We don’t want you being 1 of 20 companies to call and get lost in the mix and customers don’t want their phone to be blown up by 20 companies either. This is to help you and the customer.

This is based on feedback from the customer. The customers want to have multiple options, but having more than 3 becomes too much for them.

No! We are simply driving you quality business leads. Once you have captured the lead, you are free to conduct business how you normally do when you receive a lead.

Great Pros is partnering with the highest quality contractors across the nation. Because of your credentials, online reviews, and exceptional BBB rating, we are inviting you to be part of our exclusive network!