Carpet Cleaning | What you Need to Know About Your Indoor Air Quality

Carpet Cleaning | What you Need to Know About Your Indoor Air Quality


Carpet Cleaning is Proven to Improve Air Quality!

The majority of people spend their time inside and never think about the quality of air they are breathing. Recent studies have shown that indoor air pollution is up to 5 times worse than outdoor air pollution. Why is that? Think about everything that contributes to indoor air pollution. Things like dust, dirt, hair, pet dander, mold spores, and other allergens all add to the sub-par indoor air quality. Is vacuuming enough to combat all of this? Definitely not. According to Vince Offutt, the owner of Keep It Clean, you should have your carpet professionally cleaned every 6 months minimum, and even more frequently if you have pets.

Maintaining Your Carpet

Vacuuming your carpet every week is critically important. While this is not as effective as hiring a carpet cleaner, it is a great way to maintain quality of your carpet. There can be pounds of dirt per square foot in your carpet and vacuuming can significantly decrease this. Having that much dirt really has a negative impact on the quality of air that you are breathing. We suggest that you vacuum at least once a week, and if you own pets it would be a good idea to vacuum more often. Also, vacuum slowly! It is important to vacuum slowly so that your vacuum can work at it’s highest potential. Another tip for maintaining your carpet would be to wipe your feet on a doormat before entering your house or take your shoes off before entering the house. Shoes carry quite a bit of dirt between the ridges, and some of that dirt is transferred onto the carpet.

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Why Carpet Cleaners are more Effective than Vacuuming

If you vacuum every week, your carpet should look visibly clean and the dirt buildup is somewhat controlled. The layers beneath the carpet may be a different story though. As previously stated, pounds of dirt that you do not see build up in your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners use special machines that put water and cleaning solutions into the carpet while using a powerful extraction to pull the dirty water up into a separate tank. These machines are much more powerful than standard vacuums and get deep into the carpet to guarantee a much cleaner carpet. The machines also have two tanks. One tank has the clean water and cleaning solutions, while the other is gathering the dirty water. Not only does a clean carpet look and feel nice, it also has a direct impact on indoor air quality.

Finding a Carpet Cleaner on Great Pros

Carpet cleaning prices are mainly determined by the square footage of carpet that needs to be cleaned. Depending on the size of your house and how much carpet you have, you should be prepared to pay anywhere between $110-$220. Click here to answer a few questions about your carpet to get quotes from multiple businesses that are licensed, bonded, insured, and background checked. You should have estimates within minutes!

Lastly, here is a video of a carpet cleaner in action!