How to Find a Good Contractor - Everything you Need to Look for

How to Find a Good Contractor - Everything you Need to Look for


How to Find a Good Contractor

Hiring a great contractor is the key to any successful, not to mention minimally stressful, building or home improvement project. Whether you are renovating your office, home, or even tackling a larger project, the contractor you choose will determine the overall outcome and success of your project’s plans.

While there is a myriad of highly skilled contractors out there, there are just as many who do not live up to their own individual claims. Before you jump into an agreement, you want to make sure that they are not only qualified to complete the job, but also the right fit for your project’s vision. If you’re wondering “how to find a good contractor in my area” consider these five traits to look for in any potential contractor candidate. 

how to find a good contractor

What Makes a Good Contractor

  1. Experience: A great tradesman or contractor is going to be knowledgeable in every aspect of their field. While many general contractors do hire subcontractors, it is imperative that they understand how to accomplish the job themselves. They are the ones who will schedule the work, take responsibility, and assure that every task is completed on time, efficiently, and to the highest level of quality.

    Always verify your contractor’s license qualifications and credential’s with the National Association of Remodeling Industry. Check the Better Business Bureau and other sites you trust for positive ratings.
  2. Reputation: Asking people you know are some of the best ways to find a licensed contractor and quality work. The people that you trust are going to give you their honest opinion about whom you should and shouldn’t hire. The reputation a professional holds, including contractors, is directly proportional to the quality of the services and work they provide.

    Ask for references and a portfolio of previous work. If you have the opportunity to speak with a previous client, ask how the contractor performed on meeting their timeframe and budget. Were they happy with the outcome? What do they feel like could have gone better with the project?
  3. Integrity: A great agreement is one that benefits both parties. Your contract should contain a detailed scope of work, clear expectations, and an agreeable payment schedule.

    A good contractor is going to do exactly what they say they will without sudden surprises, mishaps, and fees. They stand behind all aspects of the work that they oversee and will work to rectify any oversights or mistakes quickly. Additionally, they will work to keep their job sites organized and clean, disposing of waste properly.
  4. Competitive Price: Finding a great price doesn’t always mean going with the cheapest bid. On the contrary, a contractor’s rates can be an excellent gauge of skill. If you notice that a contractor’s rates are a lot lower than other’s you have talked to, they may have less experience or their skills are likely poor. However, outrageously high pricing doesn’t always guarantee an above average quality.

    In general, a contractor’s pricing should match up with their qualification, experience, and reputation. Before you make a hiring decision, get at least 3 detailed bids on your project, and do your research.
  5. Listening Skills: The best contractor is going to make time to fully understand all of your project’s details and goals, your concerns, and your overall vision. While one of the perks of working with a professional is gaining their professional insight, you want to make sure that they are not trying to convince you to do something you don’t want to do, unless there is a very good reason not to. Your contractor’s number one goal should be the satisfaction of the work requested and a job well done.

What Great Pros Offers

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Why This is Important

Whether you’re want to conquer that repair that’s been nagging the back of your mind for months, looking to freshen up your home’s look, or even tackle that addition you’ve always dreamt of, making changes to your home is an exciting experience. The biggest mistake you can make is trading in someone exceptional for the guys who can simply “get the job done”. No matter how big or how small, your next project is completely unique and should be handled with the utmost drive and care.

Taking the time to evaluate and compare each contractor’s experience, reputation, integrity, pricing, and listening skills can be the difference between a completion that you’re proud of and thousands of dollars down the drain. Perform your due diligence in your search for a good contractor, to achieve a beautiful and successful project you can enjoy for years to come.