Countertop Upgrades that Don’t Require a Remodel

Countertop Upgrades that Don’t Require a Remodel


Countertop Upgrades that Don’t Require a Remodel

If you’re anything like the average homeowner, chances are your kitchen and bathroom countertops are some of the most-used surfaces in your home. Over the years, your countertops will accrue scratches, stains, water damage, and general wear and tear. If you want to breathe new life into your counters, you don’t have to rip them out and install new ones. In fact, you can make your countertops look brand new in just one weekend. Looking to spruce up your kitchen countertops, but don’t want to hassle with a full remodel? You’ve come to the right place.

Quick, Easy Countertop Upgrades

Got a day to spare? These quick upgrades are perfect for a weekend DIY project, and most cost less than $100!

Chalkboard Counters

Approximate price: $36

Materials: Pad sander, primer, chalkboard paint, and painting kit with roller, tray, and tape

Amount of time: 24 hours (includes paint drying time)

Want to keep your kids occupied while you cook? Or would you rather unleash your own inner child and write on your counters? Consider painting your counters with chalkboard paint. Chalkboard countertops are a fun upgrade. Not only do they add a little extra personality to your home, but they’re functional as well. You don’t have to write on your counters if you don’t want to, though. Since chalkboard paint is black, your new countertops will still look sleek and modern even if you decide not to scribble on them.

Painted Countertops

Approximate price: $40

Materials: Pad sander, primer, paint, paint kit

Amount of time: 24 hours (includes drying time)

If your counters have accrued a lot of damage over the years, there’s a simple solution: paint over them! The best part about painted countertops is that you can get creative and paint them any color you want. Be careful when sanding your countertops, and make sure to choose a pad sander with a medium or light grit to avoid scratching your countertops. It sounds cheesy, but the results can be beautiful. The more time you spend on painting you countertops, the better they will turn out. 

Faux Marble Countertops

Approximate price: $70

Materials: High-quality primer, black, white, and cobalt blue paint, latex glaze, mixing containers, feathering brush, assorted paint brushes, damp sea sponge

Amount of time: 24 hours (includes drying time)

Want marble countertops, but don’t want to fork out thousands for bona fide marble? You know what they say -- fake it ‘til you make it. This fun DIY project will earn you plenty of compliments, and will spruce up a plain counter. Your house guests won’t be able to tell the difference! You’ll need to know your way around a brush for this one.  Want to try it out? Check out the full tutorial here!

Faux Glossy Stone Slab

Approximate price: $50

Materials: Pad sander, primer, paint, paint kit, clear glitter coat, clear top coat

Amount of time: 48 hours (includes drying time)

Want to add a little extra shine to your counters? This DIY project is perfect. First, paint your countertops any color you want. Once dry, add a coat of clear glitter paint, followed by clear top coat for some added sparkle. If you’re going for the stone slab look, paint your counters a soft gray.

Tiled Counters

Approximate price: Varies, depending on amount of tile needed

Materials: Screw gun, circular saw, straight edge, sandpaper, reciprocating saw, level, utility knife, trowel, palm sander, clamps, wet saw, hard rubber float, kraft paper, shims, thin-set latex adhesive, screws, grout, caulk, tiles

Amount of time: 48 hours

If you aren’t keen on painting your countertops, consider tiling over them. This project is a little more in-depth than the others featured here, and will require some sophisticated equipment. You can find the full tutorial at DIY network. This works best on laminate counters. However, be mindful of laminate that is peeling or coming away from the countertop. Tiles will not adhere to peeling laminate. Reapply the laminate using contact cement.

Tips for Upgrading Your Countertops

  • Use a paint roller instead of a brush (not applicable to faux marble countertops). You don’t want streaky countertops with obvious brush strokes. Remember to use a roller for full-coverage paint projects, and apply at least two coats for a flawless finish.
  • Don’t set anything on your counters until they’re completely dry. If you’ve painted your counters, you don’t want to put anything on your nice, new counters until they’re completely dry.
  • Do not use a pad sander with a rough grit. This will create deep scratches in your countertop, which will show through the new coat of paint.

Any of these projects are perfect to breathe new life into worn-out counters over the course of a weekend. Almost all of them cost a fraction of the price of a full countertop remodel.

If you prefer to leave your countertop upgrade to the professionals, we can help. Fill out our quick questionnaire, and we will put you in touch with local professionals who can spruce up your countertops for the best price.