Country Kitchen – Designs for Your Country Kitchen

Country Kitchen – Designs for Your Country Kitchen


Country Kitchen Designs - Everything You Need to Know

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms of the home and it is the one room that serves multiple functions and purposes on a regular basis. It is a place to prepare meals and eat, socialize and entertain guests, do homework, play games with family members, and more! Having a good kitchen design is important if you want to be able to use it and enjoy it on a regular basis. The country kitchen design is gaining popularity due to its simple yet charming appeal and its adaptability to many lifestyles. Here is what you need to know about country kitchen designs.

What is a Country Kitchen?

The country kitchen style of decor focuses strongly on natural materials, practical space, and fine craftsmanship. These kitchens convey an inviting and warm feeling and are very cozy and comfortable – it encourages people to sit and stay a while, share a meal, tell some stories, and share time together relaxing and having fun. Cabinets, chairs, and tables usually are made of wood and oak, pine, hickory, and cherry being some of the popular choices. In a nutshell, country kitchens harken back to the good ole days where natural wood and stone was used rather than cold metal and synthetic materials. It is a style that is very customizable and can be adapted to fit any size kitchen and is good for any kitchen usage.

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How Do I Design a Country Kitchen? 

Appliances and accessories are key to this style and are where the unique flare and personalized touches of the kitchen style come in to play. Most country style kitchens go for a more traditional look and feel instead of a modern flare.

Chairs, tables, cabinets, and even countertops usually are wood or have some type of wood or stone elements in them. Where old traditional kitchen had firestone hearths and hand-hewn furniture the same look and feel is often used in country kitchens in some shape or form even today.

Other design touches and accents are also common and help give that old traditional country kitchen feel. Fabrics and color palettes are important. Gingham, toile, and plaid are usually a part of the design and earthy tones and colors are also the most commonly used for paint, fabrics, and accessory pieces.

Practicality is the name of the game with country kitchen designs and even the décor is often times able to be used in the normal practical usage of the kitchen.  There may be a set of cooking utensils hanging on the backsplash behind the stove top and these are fully functional and will be used in meal prep. In this kitchen design style, few things are just for looks or aesthetics- it can look good but it will also be functional and practical as well!

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Making your Kitchen More Country

Whether your dream of a country kitchen design is  born out of your love for the more simplistic styles or out of a desire to create a true farmhouse feel, this is a kitchen design that is as unique and personal as you want it to be! The use of natural woods and traditional accessories harkens to the bygone days when things were easier and maybe happier in the world, and being reminded of that pastoral history and roots is a popular choice that more and more homeowners are looking towards. Choosing country-inspired design will give you ample opportunities to entertain family and friends and welcome them into a comfortable kitchen space where memories can be made and shared.

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3 Major Themes of Country Kitchens

  • Neutral and Warm Colors- Simple and elegant are two ways you can describe the color pallet for country style kitchens.
  • Accessories and Small Touches- Practical accessories can be used for décor as well as functional items making this a duality design.
  • Practicality and Usability- Everything in a country style kitchen is there for a reason beyond simple aesthetics or to look cool.

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