When Should I Change My Roof - Warning Signs and How to Maintain a Roof

When Should I Change My Roof - Warning Signs and How to Maintain a Roof


Is it Time to Change Your Roof? Warning Signs and How to Maintain it

The roof of your home is integral to the integrity of the entire structure. Without it of course, you have no home at all. There are many signs that point to the conclusion that a roof is in need of repair or replacement. The following article hopes to shed some light on those signs and then explain methods of fixing them or, failing that, replace the roof in its entirety.

Warning Signs

Your Neighbors are Fixing Their Roof

An easy way to estimate if your roof needs repair is to look toward your neighbor’s roof. Houses built at the same time and subject to the same weather will be in a similar condition. If your neighbors are fixing their roofs up it might be that yours is in need of repair as well. You may also want to consider hiring a professional to perform a roof inspection. You can find out more about cost and what to expect from a roof inspection at the end of this blog or read about the details here

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A leak in your ceiling is a tell-tale sign that your roof might have be worn down. While a leak does not necessarily mean that the whole roof should be replaced, it does indicate that it might be time for an inspection. Most leaks can be fixed in the problem areas, however, if they persist you will need to replace your roof immediately to prevent further damage.

leaking from the ceiling


Straightforward damage should not be overlooked for long. The small cost of repair is preferable to the costly replacement of the entire roof. Cracked shingles, areas where the shingle granules have been worn away (bald spots), or curled edges to individual shingles are all signs that repairs must be made in short order. All of this is identifiable through a simple visual inspection. If you are noticing multiple missing shingles, or an abundant amount of loose granules, you should seek replacement. Need professional help? Click here!

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Growth of Algae

Algae grows rapidly, it is an air-born spore that clings to anything damp. Moss growth due to moisture, or dark streaks caused by algae growth in damp climates, should be addressed immediately or it could severely decrease the life expectancy of your roof.If there is moss or algae, that can be cleared by spraying your roofs with a 50-50 solution of bleach and water. It is worth noting to take care that this solution does not come in contact with any lawn or garden below the roof. After the growths have been cleared install protective zinc or lead control strips.

growth of algae on roof

Maintaining Your Roof

In order to maintain and protect your roof certain routines should be established. For a start don’t let debris like twigs and leaves stay on your roof for long. If you see any damaged shingles as described above replace them as soon as possible. If any rust is seen on metallic surfaces, scrub off the rust with a wire brush and then prime and paint the metal surface. If there is any cracks or mortar between the roof joints or other surfaces such as piping or the chimney, caulk them immediately. They can lead to leaks, and leaks only spread and get worse. Speed is essential to stopping the spread of this damage and thus reducing the cost.

tools for maintaining roof

When To Contact Professionals

Many roof repairs are minor and can be fixed by yourself with minimal effort and cost. However, if you ever feel uncomfortable or out of your depth, this is an area of home repair where it would pay dividends to get a professional opinion or aid. Once a year inspections by a professional are recommended. This regularity prevents a single problem from spiraling out of control while going unnoticed as well as allows problems to be solved singly instead of building up. It is recommended that you do not agree to pay for an inspection, as any reputable roof repair company will not charge for the service. Professional help reduces the chance of injury to yourself and your property. Not only that, but insurance claims become simpler when inspections are done regularly by a professional.

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Average Roof Inspection Costs

Roof inspections aren’t cheap, but they can be a great investment if you own an older home. To determine the cost of a roof inspection, a roofer generally needs to know the age of the roof, how steep the roof is, what material the roof is made of, how many stories the home is, and the total square footage of the home. Once that information is gathered, expect to see price quotes as low as $200 or as high as $750. This range tends to be larger due to the vast differences in rooftops and size of the roof. Unless your home is under 1000 square feet or much larger than the average home, you shouldn’t be surprised by price quotes in the range given.

What to Expect During a Roof Inspection

A good roof inspection should cover multiple key components. I’ll include the list below so you can make sure to talk about each point with whoever helps you out. Here are the common issues your roofer should be looking for:

  • Any damage or deterioration on the exterior or interior of the roof
  • Underlayment damage or deterioration
  • Cracks or leaks in the ceiling
  • Damaged or missing shingles or tiles
  • Any issues with vents, chimneys, gutters, drains, fascia, and skylights
  • Missing or damaged flashing points

Once complete, the roofing inspector should be able to tell you what problems were discovered, options to fix these problems, and how many years your roof has left before it needs to be replaced. The roofer should also be able to provide some cost estimates for each option to fix the problems that were discovered.